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iPad Tutoring for Special Needs

No single device has more potential to changes lives – and trajectories – than the iPad.

The iPad, iPod Touch, and other touchscreen devices represent a revolution in learning and communicating.  It used to be that to use even the most limited Assistive Communication device, a student had to overcome an abstract mechanical interface before he could even begin. With this new generation of technology the device itself fades into the background and the learning and communication very quickly become primary.  The availability of thousands of apps, some dedicated to children with special needs and others that have a universal appeal, provides a constellation of opportunities that can be tailored to an individual students needs and interests.

As we have have grown as a service provider, many parents have asked if we could help their children with devices like the iPad.  Although the device has an elegant simplicity that kids learn intuitively, the more sophisticated AAC (assistive and augmentative communication) apps themselves often require experience or technical skill to configure.  Additionally, we have found that parents often feel either overwhelmed by the number of apps available, or don’t know where to begin to find apps.
We have a team of iPad specialists, professional instructors and tutors who have experience with the iPad and with finding and configuring apps with children’s individual learning styles and goals in mind.  They can help you set up ProLoQuo2Go, or recommend other apps that might be more suitable.  They first work with the parents to form an outline of circumstances and goals and then they work directly with the children to teach them and facilitate a positive, enriching experience.

We provide this service with the same philosophy and enthusiasm as our other services.  The needs of the child in the moment are the primary focus and we join the student at their level and respect their definition of fun and engagement.  The iPad serves as a bridge to building a relationship that allows them to rapidly expand their “learning comfort zone”.  They are inspired by their own success when they are introduced to a learning environment that is intuitive and fun by a tutor that is friendly, playful and competent.
We provide iPad tutoring services as individual learning sessions or as a six-session renewable package.  Individual learning sessions are $90/hr and packages are $450 ($75/hr for six 1-hour sessions) or $750 ($62.50/hr for twelve 1-hour sessions). Ongoing tutoring can also be invoiced on a monthly basis without prepaying.  The initial session is with the parent (or parents) to determine needs and goals and to get a sense of the child’s personality and interests.  Subsequent sessions are with the child or the child and parent together.

Purchase Individual Sessions $90/hr

Purchase Six Sessions $450 ($75/hr)

Purchase Twelve Sessions $750 ($62.50/hr)

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