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We make connections on a one-to-one level by engaging your child’s interest and sharing high-value experiences. The beauty and functionality of this is that it is widely applicable to a variety of settings and environments. It is not restricted to a particular activity or field of operation. We apply this precise level of interest-led learning and growing to the area of your child’s life where it is most useful in order to provide them with the access they need to greater productivity and happiness in a particular venue, either educational, recreational, or social.

Recreational Services are activities that include a high degree of one-to-one engagement and precise insight into the moment to moment needs of your child. Most recreational activities like nature walks, playground visits, bike riding, bowling, and community outings like shopping, restaurants, museums, etc. are charged at $45-$60/hr and generally include detailed notes, progress tracking, and generalized attention to broad goals and objectives.SNAP’s services are tiered depending on the nature of the activity and the depth of the caregiver’s and/or consultant’s expertise and involvement:

Childcare Services are activities like after-school pickup, driving to appointments, mother’s helper, after-hours babysitting, etc. and are charged at $30/hour. In these cases, informal notes may be provided, but the focus is not on particular goals beyond the immediate engagement that always goes with all caregiver interaction. That is not to say that there is no progress or that goals are not reached. To the contrary, often just “being” with a child is the best, most productive process, without the pressure of goals and tracking. This pricing level is also typical of higher-volume activities, like in-school shadowing, which can be 15 to 30+ hours per week.

Intervention Services are activities that are very goal specific, require specialized training, and involve detailed metrics and highly targeted progress monitoring and tracking. These services would include academic tutoring, “table time” such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behavior (VB), Physical/Occupational Therapy (PT/OT), Speech/Language Pathology (SLP), Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based (DIR/Floortime) Model, Rapid Prompting Method/Interactive Pointing Method (RPM/IPM), Facilitated Communication/Augmentative and Assistive Communication (FC/AAC). Some activities like swimming lessons, skating lessons, music lessons, computer training, etc., would also be included in this category depending on the intended progress and desired outcomes. These services are charged at $60-$120/hr based on the specific details of the client and the care provider.

All services, including basic childcare, are provided by the same professional staff of caregivers with expertise and experience with children with special needs. All rates and services are determined on a case-by-case basis before services begin, based on the needs of your child and the type of service provided. The period of assessment and process of determination are not charged – initial consultation and all follow-up discussions are free. We want to promote an open and unrestricted conversation to make sure that everything we are doing is 100% effective and consistent with the changing goals and desires of the child and family. There is a lot of flexibility as to how services are determined and charged. That is part of what makes us unique as an agency, and one of the many benefits of working with us. Please contact us to start the conversation and let us know what ideas you have and how we can best serve you and your child.

Recreation, Relationship, and Engagement as a Pathway to Self:
Self-Discovery, Self-Expression, Self-Reliance, and Self-Realization


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